Post Officers

Post 535 Officers

  • John Brewer Post Commander

  • Oley Cox 1st Vice Commander

  • Bob Domras 2nd Vice Commander

  • Jim Rowe Adjutant

  • Eric Thomas Finance Officer

  • Gary Wilfong Judge Advocate

  • Keith Simpson Service Officer

  • Rev. Francis Peters Chaplain

  • Magda Thomas Historian

  • Reed Brown Sgt at Arms

American Legion Auxiliary Officers

  • Linda Robinson President

  • Gaye Hairston Vice President

  • Pat Sloan Secretary

  • Jane Pagano Treasurer / Membership

Sons Of The Legion Officers

  • Brian Hinson Commander

  • Mike Crook Vice Commander

  • Gary Stegall Adjutant

  • Reggie Carriker Secretary

  • Stan Brooks Chaplain

  • Bill Stegall Historian

  • Randy Braswell Sgt at Arms