Post Officers

     Post 535 Officers

Commander - Oscar Outen                  

1st Vice Commander - Oley Cox

Adjutant - Jim Rowe

Finance Officer - Eric Thomas

Parlamentarian - Gary Wilfong

Service Officer - Lovel Henderson

Assistant Service Officer - Keith Simpson

Chaplain - Rev. Francis Peters

Historian - Magda Thomas

Sgt at Arms - Tommy Robinson

American Legion Auxiliary Officers

President - Linda Robinson

Vice President / Chaplain - Gaye Hairston  

Secretary - Pat Sloan    

Treasurer / Membership - Jane Pagano

Sons Of The Legion (SAL) Officers

Commander - Heath Hinson

Vice Commander - Mike Crook

Adjutant - Gary Stegall

Finance - Tom Pagano

Chaplain - Jeff Gregg

Historian - Bill Stegall

Sgt at Arms - Joe Carriker

Assistant Sgt at Arms - Reggie Carriker

Charter Members (Charter Date: July 29, 2009)

Osborne L. Alexander

Frank Robert Bellini

John Brewer                    

Russ Brewer

Jack M. Campbell

Bill Chadwick

Wayne Collins *

Charles S. Cone

Damon Brewer *

Edwin Davila

Gaston Dutton *

Lelia "Andy" Funderburk *

Jerry S. Hinson *

James Hood

Steve Kefer

Charles S. Long

Jackie J. Lowder

Oscar Outen

James "Ray" Parker *

Ed Price

Bill Raum

Dinnis Ridnouer

Jose  L. Rosa

James Rosebud

Jim Rowe

Richard Stone *

Wayne Wiens

Gary Wilfong

Charles "Jeff" Williams

John Wuerpel

* - Deceased